Specials and columns

Both one-off features and columns require us to negotiate with target publications to provide them with tailor-made copy on a subject that would interest their readers and further the promotional aims of the company.

The raw material for this would be the knowledge and expertise of the client’s personnel. We would identify topics on which you would feel confident of providing information, negotiate with the magazines, interview your relevant experts, write the feature or column, go through the agreed approvals procedure with you and then provide the publication with copy and illustrations. These would have the by-line of someone from Ledbury.

The one-off features are usually between 800 and 1,500 words and could be negotiated roughly only once a year with any particular publication.

Columns are usually much shorter (300 – 500 words), much more difficult to negotiate and are provided for an agreed series of consecutive issues.

Our preferred way of working is to obtain information from you, or a third party, by conducting a taped interview in person or over the phone. Our aim is to ensure that we take as little of your time as we can and make life as easy as possible for you.

The exact topics for one-off features would need to be negotiated with yourselves and the editors of the media concerned. Some will be interested in market reviews and issues and what your views are on particular topics. These topics would either be suggested by the editors or we can go to them with ideas, especially if there is a topic on which you are particularly keen to expound your views. Not all of these would be strictly on the messages you want to get across. They would often tap into your general expertise in the trade and would serve to establish you as a company with expertise.