All press releases and other forms of marketing will benefit from good photographs.

Using a professional photographer can be another budget eater, but we have the skill and experience to produce excellent photographs and the knowledge to know what makes a usable shot. Our services would be part of our normal contract, incurring no extra costs other than expenses.

For product shots, we would normally recommend the use of a professional photographer, as good lighting is essential. However, photographs taken for brochures and advertisements can usually be used for the PR campaign (although not always).

The key issue with photography for use with press releases is ensuring that everything in the picture looks as it should, eg all the right props in the right place, everything clean and, preferably, people enjoying the products. For this and other reasons, we prefer to take the photographs ourselves whenever possible.

We recommend that we build up a library of photographs showing, people, the products in use, and as many aspects of the service as possible. Wherever logical and possible, they should include customers. As well as being more interesting and attractive to readers, this will also increase the likelihood of the photographs being used by editors.

Every release, case study and feature contribution should go out with a photograph.