advertisingIn parallel with the PR contract we can also operate as your advertising booking and planning agency; liaising and negotiating with publications, proof reading, ensuring the best possible prices, that everything happens when it should and that the right ads go to the right publications.

This activity is not part of the core PR contract and would be costed separately. If the advertising programme operates as expected, this should not actually cost Ledbury a penny, as the costs come out of agency fees paid by the publications (see Costs).

We recommend using advertising in support of the PR campaign as much as possible. Despite protestations from journalists regarding editorial integrity, it always helps to get your press release etc published if the editor knows you are an advertiser. This all helps to create a good relationship with the magazine, an essential part of a successful PR campaign. However, much more can be explained, and more of you messages conveyed, in a good PR campaign than can ever be achieved by a press ad campaign alone, unless your pockets are inexhaustibly deep.

We can, design and produce ads for you, help you plan your ad programme, deal with bookings and the mechanics of ensuring the right artwork is delivered in the right format.


We have developed our advertising skills alongside our PR expertise, which means we can provide our clients with a total media package, writing and designing print and web ads which fit in perfectly with a client’s overall media plan.

Unlike many agencies, we do not charge for resizing copy when the ads are used in different media.


Managing an advertising programme, even for a small to medium sized business, can be a complex and time consuming business; researching the right media, deciding which products or services to advertise, negotiating rates, ensuring that the right copy goes to the right place and dealing with pushy ad salesmen who will bombard you when they see your ad appear in a rival publication.

At Enterpress, as part of our programme, we will take care of all of that for you. We will thoroughly research suitable media, design the ads or liaise with your own designer, negotiate rates, deal with all those ad salesmen and present all information in a clear and understandable way for your to take a decision; leaving you free for other tasks.