Case Studies

These are releases on major or interesting sales or rentals and will involve close liaison with your customers. These entail us writing a one to two page release based on brief interviews with you, the customer and, possibly, the end user, and arranging to obtain photographs.

These have the advantage of both promoting your product and helping to cement your relationship with your customers.

End user case studies are particularly useful for local press coverage, as they prefer to talk about people rather than products. This would be particularly useful if you choose to intensively market to a particular area.

They can be used as contributions to relevant features or as stand-alone releases and give us the ability to reach out beyond the normal trade press to other sectors and local press.

Showing how much money your services save/make fuel sites should be the heart of your PR programme. This will let you simultaneously show the advantages and explain the products once more.

We recommend aiming to use as many of these as possible and actively seeking information on opportunities from your customers. This can be done through us being given the contact details and speaking to your customers directly, or through yourselves as part of your regular contact routine with your customers.