News releases

stack of nrewpapers

Anything positive the company does can be the subject of a news release, but priority should be given to the company's key messages as they are defined from time to time. Identifying such news items is one of the main reasons why regular communications meetings are vital.

Below are some of the types of news releases we would expect to issue. They are in no particular order. The word "media" in this section should be taken to refer to radio, TV and print media.

1Significant new orders. Aimed at the appropriate trade press.

2New services or products. Aimed at the trade press and possibly consumer press, depending on the product.

3New key members of staff and promotions. Aimed at appropriate trade press.

4Award and competition wins. Aimed at trade press, plus appropriate regional, local, and national media.

5Business successes, such as record sales or improved business performance. Aimed at trade and business press, business journalists in national media and appropriate local and regional media.

News releases have a high chance of being used in at least a percentage of the media to which they are issued. Being generally smaller items at the very front or back of a publication, they tend to be read first and in preference to any other item. Their disadvantage is that they can often require the payment of separation charges (see Photography and Costs) and they are also too short to develop more than just a few key points. This need not be a big drawback if they are used as part of a concerted, balanced programme.